Pat + Paul August 2018

After taking Paul and Pat’s engagement pictures, I knew their wedding day was going to be filled with love and laughter. These two definitely lived up to that expectation. We giggled from the moment we started taking wedding pictures. Their true joy was contagious, and I think I smiled as much as they did that day!
I’ve known the bride and groom through church for many years. They have an especially close bond with my daughter, and we love them like family. It has been wonderful to watch their friendship develop into a life-long, Christ-centered relationship. They are definitely a perfect match!
My favorite part of the day was watching the newly married couple greet their guests after the ceremony. Seeing friends and family hugging, laughing, and even crying while congratulating the couple was so moving to me. Knowing so many loved ones were rejoicing with them must have felt amazing.
The Traer United Presbyterian Church was filled with pastel pinks and greens, and so much love was put into each and every detail. From rustic twine covered wine bottles to flowers and lace, the shabby chic décor was gorgeous. The bride had some very close friends that had worked on these details for the last year. These ladies (and their hubbies) wanted to make things special for the couple, and they certainly pulled that off! Everyone needs wedding planners like that!
Thank you, Pat and Paul, for making me a part of your special day. I loved capturing every moment of it, and I look forward to watching your relationship continue to grow for many years to come.
Pat wore an ivory beaded dress, and she looked radiant. The sparkling necklace and earrings perfectly complimented the gown.
Paul patiently waited for his bride in the sanctuary for the first look. I loved capturing his face when he saw Pat for the first time. He was all smiles looking at his beautiful bride-to-be!
One of the groomsmen had a prank up his sleeve. Pat handled it like a trooper, and the rest of the crowd got a pretty good chuckle!
They have no idea what’s happening behind them! Can you see the gentlemen in the background?
The reception was just as lovely as the church. Close friends helped with the decorations, and it was gorgeous! 
A friend of the couple sang “At Last” while Pat & Paul enjoyed their first dance. I’m pretty sure most of us had goosebumps after that performance!
The cake was made by the same talented singer that serenaded the couple during the first dance. Before we went out for some final bride and groom pictures, Paul made sure to reserve a piece of his groom’s cake for later. That looked too tasty to miss out on!

I loved watching the groom’s mom do the Chicken Dance!


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August 11, 2018

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