Scott & Nicole

Scott & Nicole

The day started off with lots of hugs and excitement after many months of planning. It seems like we were just at UNI at their engagement session this summer. My goodness how time flies! Between their engagement session and several planning meetings, I got to hear all about their families and how many people were doing special things for the wedding. From the meal, to the cake, to the floral arrangements, to the decorating, to the mint making, many family members played a special part in making their day incredible. It was obvious that both Scott and Nicole come from extremely generous and loving families. One of my favorite things about a wedding day is that I get to finally meet all of the people that I have heard the couple speak so highly of. Scott and Nicole’s family and friends were a JOY to be around! They were so helpful and always willing to do anything I needed.Everyone had their fingers crossed that the weather would hold out so we could get outside portraits. We somewhat got our wish. Although it was too cold for the family formals and full bridal party to be outside, Scott and Nicole braved the cold so we could get some lovely fall pictures. We worked extremely fast, and I’m pretty sure none of us could feel our fingers when we scurried back inside. Despite the wind and chilly temperatures, we had just long enough to get some beautiful portraits!

Scott & Nicole, I am so excited to see you start your new lives together! Your dream day went off spectacularly, and it was such a privilege to be the one to capture it! Thank you for allowing me to be there. Enjoy this visual story of your amazing fall wedding day!

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life . . . love gives us a fairytale.”


November 2, 2019

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