Stan 2021

During Stan’s initial consultation, I learned he was part of the Steel Shooters Club in Traer. He is quite skilled in shooting, and has the medals to prove it! Getting some pictures at the shooting range was a priority for him. He also wanted pictures with his car and studio shots. The day of the session, we started with family porch photos. Stan’s mom, DuLaine, has the most gorgeous porch around! It made the perfect setting to capture some family memories before we did the senior portion of the session! Stan and I then ventured off to get some gun pictures and nice outside portraits. His personality really showed through when he posed on his car hood. I loved being able to document his fun, adventurous side! We wrapped up with some more traditional portraits in the studio. I had such a great time taking his photos, and I know he will go far in this world. Best of luck this year, Stan!

August 22, 2020

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