Caleb 2021

Once fall arrives, you never know what the weather will be like. We scheduled Caleb’s pictures for early in November, and the day of his session ended up being windy and freezing! My husband and I had scouted a new location a few days before his session, and I thought maybe it would be a bit protected from the wind. The plan was to do a 30 minute portion at the creek and then go to the football field for about 30 minutes.

Once we made our way down to the creek area, I realized the wind was not going to cooperate. Poor Caleb was such a trooper, and we pushed through some fishing pictures and some great portraits, despite the chilly weather. By the time we got to the football field, I’m pretty sure he was a popsicle! It was so cold that his football helmet was too rigid to go on. We attempted some football pictures, but we opted to come back later in the week to finish those sports shots in more comfortable conditions.

When we came back on Friday, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The temps went from 30 degrees to almost 70 in less than a week. Isn’t Iowa weather great? Through all the weather craziness, Caleb was such a great sport and never complained. He had such a positive attitude and was determined to stick it out. I’m so glad he got to experience a more normal, laid back senior session later that week. Best of luck to you, Caleb, as you complete your senior year and head out into the world!

December 13, 2020

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