Kvidera Family

This photo session was a Christmas gift, and I can’t imagine a better present for a mother than to have beautiful images of her children and grandchildren. The family planned to use the gift certificate last May around Mother’s Day, but the weather kept it from happening. It was then rescheduled for October. The temperature was amazing that day, but the wind was quite an issue. The first part of the session took a lot of patience as I took loads of pictures of each couple between wind gusts, hoping to get at least one shot with the hair not blowing all over. Once we found a spot where the wind wasn’t so forceful, we got so many pretty pictures. The backgrounds in the fall in Iowa are magical! Combine those backdrops with a lovely group of people, and you gets lots of photos to hang on your walls!

We traveled closer to the water at the end of the session, and by then the wind had died down. The calm, tree-lined lake was the perfect background for the final set of images. Little Jax was such a trooper the whole time, and I don’t think I heard him fuss once! Of course he had lots of wonderful family members to keep him occupied. Thank you, Kvidera Family, for a wonderful photo shoot!

November 8, 2022

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